The Plant Breeding and Acclimatization Institute - The National Research Institute,  Plant Breeding Experimental Station

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Department of breeding and seed production


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The aim of department activity are: breeding of initial materials, the breeding and maintenance breeding of new high-intensive cultivars which possess large biological value and are useful for intensive agriculture. Also the production of breeder seeds is conducted.

The other purpose of activity is introduction of new cultivars to the agricultural practice. Breeding programme is conducted in cooperation with the Plant Breeding and Acclimatization Institute Radzikow. Department has a long tradition (50 years) both in cereals and grass breeding and seeds production.  During many years of cooperation have been selected many cultivars.   The  cultivars of  following crops have been selected:  white clover, red clover, pea, bean, tomato, tall fescue, perennial ryegrass, spring barley both malting and fodder.

The twenty nine cultivars were selected:


number of cultivars

name of cultivars

pea (semileafless) 2 Sum, Ramir
pea (canning, garden) 7 IHAR, Syrenka, Rarytas, Nike, Nora, Laser, Jarek
bean 1 Mela
tomato 5 Tempo, Koral, Grand, Part 300, Gem
lettuce 1 AS 44
tall fescue 1 Rahela
red clover 2 Radyka, Rozeta
spring fodder barley 8 Rambo, Rataj, Rabel, Rodion, Refren, Rastik,
spring malting barley 1 Rasbet, Ryton i Rubinek
carrot 1  
spinach 1  
red beet 1  
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The main specialist of plant breeding and seed production,  Anna Sybilska, M.Sc.

  The main specialist of plant breeding and seed production, Michał Kamiński, M.Sc.  

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 Building (the first floor) of seed production


    szklarnie do hodowli zbóż zimą (161985) Hodowla zbóż zimą (391738)    
    Glasshouses designed for breeding work of winter cereals The greenhouse planting of winter cereals    
    poletka pszenicy (409838)    
    The marking of wheat plots    
    poletka jęczmienia jarego (512433)    
     The plots of spring barley    
    jęczmień jary (511233)    
     The field of spring barley     
    poletka pszenicy (461813)    
    The experimental plots of winter rye, spring barley and winter wheat    
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The plots of spring barley

The plots of winter wheat


The plots of winter wheat

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  The plots of winter wheat   The plots of winter rye   The plots of spring barley  

poletka jęczmienia jarego przed zbiorami (1046506)



poletka pszenicy przed zbiorami (461813)

Mrs Anna Sybilska and Mr Michał Kamiński on the spring barley plots


The plots of winter wheat





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The spring cereals plots.










barley cultivar >

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prepared by  Barbara Wiewióra, D. Sc.


The plot yield (each 10 square metres)   of spring barley seeds, in kgs. Mean of two years harvest :    non-treated,  seed dressing by   RAXIL, and    VITAVAX