The Plant Breeding and Acclimatization Institute - The National Research Institute,  Plant Breeding Experimental Station

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Company systematically enlarges the value of  property , by buying new machines and construction of buildings. During last three years  following purchases of machines were performed:  



Ładowarka teleskopowa,AGROVECTOR 30.7; DEUTZ-TAHR;Pan mgr inż. M.Pleban, z-ca Dyrektora (213563) bytes.jpg


                                                                 AGROVECTOR 30.7, DEUTZ - FAHR,  bought 2009




ciągnik rolniczy, traktorzysta Kazimierz Dabrowski (208658) bytes.jpg


                                                           TD 5040    New Holland,  bought 2009




automobile-overtum, DAF LA 55.220 (135184) bytes.jpg


Automobile overtum  -  DAF  LF 55.220,  purchase: 11.07.2008 r.

  ladowarka teleskopowa (118238) bytes.jpg   prasa do słomy, siana (176945) bytes.jpg  
     Telescope loader -NEW HOLLAND, purchased 12-2005 r.    Round baler,  purchased 02-2008 r.  
  samochód Opel Astra 3 (309754) bytes.jpg   samochód Opel Astra 2 (35096) bytes.jpg  
  Automobile Opel Astra 3,  purchased 08.2008   Automobile Opel Astra 2,  purchased 08.2002  

nowy ciągnik pod opieką P.K.Dąbrowskiego (74923) bytes.jpg


zestaw: opryskiwacz+ciągnik (72428) bytes.jpg


 Tractor TM 165 NEWHOLLAND,  service - Kazimierz Dąbrowski


   Sprayer together with from tractor



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Water from new well is available since December 4th 2003