The Plant Breeding and Acclimatization Institute - The National Research Institute, Plant Breeding Experimental Station

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 Radzików - view from south (2008)








Radzikow-polozenie.Przekrój Niziny Mazowieckiej



1-limestones and marls; 2-sands; 3-loams and sands; 4-loams; 5-clay with stones and sands


Radzikow - location. The cross section through the Mazowiecka Land. Soils  


The Experimental Plant Breeding Station RADZIKÓW   is located on the Utrata river in 4 km distance from Błonie and 27 km distance from Warsaw (in west direction). The former farm, now the Experimental Plant Breeding Station has over 100-year tradition of  farming.   The former farm consisted of  14 houses and 196 habitans,  in 1887 ran a farm on the areble area of   418.32 ha. The  production of cereal  grains, milk, meat and sausages was conducted. The following factories were active:  brick-field, brewery, alcohol distillery, por-butcher's and bakery.

The first drainage of areable areas was conducted in 1928. In 1939 farm became State property. Now 1000 habitans live in Radzików. The Experimental Plant Breeding Station runs a farm on   the arable area 1243 ha. The production and maintanance breeding of spring barley is continued. Also winter rape, corn and sweet beat crops are conducted. The production and sell of  good quality seeds of winter and spring cereals, clover and grasses  is realized. Annual over than 1 450 000 litres of milk and tens tons of beef cattle is delivered to the  processing plants.                                                           


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Blonie, Utrata river - Radzikow (bytes 601153)


 The Utrata river 

View up:  BŁONIE - Archeologic place, since Middle Ages




obiekty ZDHAR, IHAR i fragment osiedla lat 1960


Radzików  -   years  1950 - 1970


obiekty ZDHAR lat 1960


Radzików  -   years  1950 - 1970



years  1950 - 1960




Carter: Mr Dominik Kosmalski. 

  Foreman: Mr Władysław Łoń  
      Motto in celtic signs -  "A lot of  way is in front of us"      

registration celtycki(Goal): before us much road

   zero -  old registration  (47668 bytes)   naked barley var. Rastik, selected in Radzikow. Variety is registered in Poland since 1999 ></td>
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From opportunity starting in year 2000 internet side: motto was written.


The coopration between the Experimental Station and The Plant Breeding Acclimatization Institute, The National Research State Institute Radzików


Zaklad Doświadczalny Radzików cooperates with the Plant Breeding and Acclimatization Institute Radzików since 1951. The cooperation has concerns the breeding of varieties both cereals and grasses.  Many cultivars were selected and introduced to the agriculture practice.




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IHAR - PIB Radzików

  dr bohdan rodziewicz.jpg (88 057 bytes) mgr Anna S. Kierownik DzHB (132330 bytes) prof dr hab H J Czembor. (34141 bytes)  
  PhD Bohdan R. The main specialist of plant breeding and seed production,  Anna S. M.Sc.

                    Professor Henryk J. Cz.