The Plant Breeding and Acclimatization Institute - The National Research Institute,  Plant Breeding Experimental Station Radzików near Warsaw

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Growing and production: crop evaluation - yield 2019



c r o p

month of evaluation

Crop evaluation  
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1   spring wheat November -
2 winter wheat November 3
3  winter triticale November 3
4  winter rye November -
5  spring barley November -
6 experimental plot trials of spring barley November -
7  oat November -
8 winter rape November 3
9 perenial ryegrass November 2
10 sugar beet November 3
11 corn grain November 3
12 corn November -

We wish you high yield 

  Assistent manager: Zbigniew .Bogucki

The evaluation of crops condition is performed  during the second decade of month. Scores range is 1 to 5: score 1- bad condition, calamitous; score 2- weak condition, below average; score 3- sufficient, crops are average; score 4- good condition of crops, they are significantly better than average; score 5- very good condition of crops, they are excellent.



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        Electrophoretic pattern of hordeins

                                      Plots of  wheat (at the bootom), barley (in the middle) and rye (above)