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  The folk dance group "Tecza" was founded in 1982 within the Community Centre in Blonie. It represents Radzików and Blonie communities.The main activity is maintaining of country (national) dances tradition in Poland. The performances last usually about two hours The group. "Tecza" had performances in many towns of Poland ando aslo in several european countries as following Bulgaria, Estonia, France, Germany, Spain, Greece, Croatia, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine, Italy and Hungary.


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Folk Group  "Tęcza"  from  RADZIKÓW

M. Woynarowska - The menager of the Group "Tecza"




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Zespół Tęcza na dożynkach gminnych w Błoniu (195412) bytes.jpg


The performance of the National Folk Group "Tęcza" during harvest festival  in Błonie,  August 30. 2009.




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Folk Group   Tęcza "





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      Tęcza - dancing and singing folk group - performance during opening of fountain in Błonie,  06-06-2008 r.


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Folk Group "Tęcza" in Łazienki Garden in Warsaw


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The carpatian mountains dance


młodzieżowy zespół taneczny
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Zespół taneczny Tęcza z Radzikowa (182918) bytes.jpg


Folk Group " Tęcza"

  in  Leszno near Warsaw,  18-08-2006 r.    


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Culture  House in Radzików